The History

The Time

April 2018 everything began somewhere..

The Somewhere

Baldface Lodge, Nelson BC

The Riders

Danny Davis, Torstein ‘EddiBell’ Horgmo, Nikolas Baden, Big_Air Jarre, Gabriel Ferg, Iikka Backstrom, Austen Sweeten, Ben Ferguson, Mark Landvik, and others…

The Now

Roll 2023 and Turning Man moves to Salmo Ski Hill as a more accessible classic Banked Slalom and Celebration of Snowboarding!

Watch these classic rewinds on where the idea for Turning Man came from, and the innaugural event at Baldface

Recommended Viewing

Turning Man is a celebration of Snowboarding and all that we have learned, take a look at these selections to get your stoke on!

Turning MAN TeAM

Shane Johnsen

    Jason Davies

      Teddi Whillans

        Mack Whillans


        Zach Aller


        Olivia Kelly


        Mark Fawcett

          Carmen Leung